Photo Gallery – From Western Australia to South Australia

We have had many people ask us for photos, so as I go through them all, I will be posting a selection of photos in galleries!

Crossing the Nullarbor – Photo Gallery

As an order-loving person, I will start with the very beginning of our journey, where we drove across the Nullarbor, past The Great Australian Bight, through Ceduna and over to Haslam Camping Ground in South Australia.

We absolutely loved driving across the Nullarbor Plains, the vast distances and the change of scenery along the way is quite incredible! There honestly is nothing boring about crossing the Nullarbor, when you take your time to stop and explore along the way!

The spots that really stood out for us were Yalata Homestead Ruins, Fowlers Bay and the sunrise at Madura – we tried to capture its beauty in the photos below!

The free camping spots were very serene and at most of them we were the only ones there – except for the ones with swarming bees, which you can read about here!! Eeek!!

Enjoy the photos and stay tuned for more!

**Apologies, the gallery will just NOT cooperate and display the photos in the chronological order I’d like it to! All the photos are labelled though (click the little “i” icon underneath photos for the description) and I’ll keep trying to work it out! Anyone got any tips, I’m all ears!!! **

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