Crossing the WA/SA border – Eucla and the town of Nullarbor

When you drive onto the Eyre Highway from Norseman, there are warning signs that water is limited until Ceduna, so you need to stock up. Those signs aren’t lying! We saw just two spots with rain water along the whole stretch – both still in Western Australia. While it could be life saving, the water from those water tanks needs to be boiled before consumption. We stopped for a quick break yesterday morning at one of these water spots (just before the town of Mundrabilla) and while rough looking, we were impressed by the site and grateful for the jerry can of water we took away.

Rain Water Tank Nullarbor

We then found the most picturesque spot for lunch, where we cooked up all our veggies in preparation for crossing the border (no fruit or vegetables are allowed across the border).

Nullarbor Travelling Family

Nullarbor Travelling Family

Travelling Family Australia

Eucla – the WA/SA border

Crossing the border was easier than expected – we literally just drove into South Australia! No checks at Eucla, nothing! Perhaps we didn’t need to force ourselves to have 3kgs of mashed potatoes for lunch… But better safe than sorry, as fines apply! The Border Village had a cool distance sign and a large mining haul truck! Check out it’s size with our car and caravan for comparison!

Border Village SA/WA Eucla

Big truck at Border Village

Mining haul truck size Border Village

South Australia

The best part about arriving in SA was being able to see the coast! We’ve missed the beach and can not wait to camp near one and spend a few days just lazing in the sun!

The Great Australian Bight is pretty spectacular, and the addition of a wombat on road signs is pretty cool, too!!

Travelling Family - The Great Australian Bighy

Australian Road Signs

The Nullarbor Roadhouse was a fun place to stop at as well, with a quirky historical petrol station next to it and some great information boards. Homeschooling – tick!

Nullarbor Plains Travelling Family

Nullarbor Travelling Family

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