Port Lincoln and surrounds – South Australia

While camped at Louth Bay, we took day trips to Port Lincoln and around the Port Lincoln area. One of them was down to the picturesque south coast. We visited the Information Centre and were recommended a trip to Fishery Bay, through Sleaford Bay and Lone Pine.

Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln Information Centre

Sleaford Bay and Lone Pine

Sleaford Bay and Lone Pine are mainly scenic spots to stop and take photos – there’s really not much else to them. They provide a view of the Port Lincoln area and a view of the South Australian cliffs.

Port Lincoln Sleaford Bay

Fishery Bay

Fishery Bay is a beautiful beach where it would be easy to spend the whole day if you took a picnic with you! There are toilets near the car park, and you can drive your car right down to the beach. Dogs are allowed, which is always a bonus for us, but we didn’t hang around for too long as it was way too busy for our liking – we love the sort of beaches where there is not another soul around! I think Port Lincoln is probably the place where it became really obvious for us that visiting Information Centres is not quite the way we like to travel! The touristy spots don’t do much for us, we love the less travelled areas and secluded spots that the locals keep secret!

Koalas and a Bobtail

We love coming across wildlife in their natural habitat, so it really made our day when we spotted koalas out in the wild! They were along Fishery Bay Rd, sitting up in the eucalyptus trees! We must have seen six or seven, two of them with babies! Honestly, I’ve come close to koalas before at a wildlife park and it didn’t feel as special as this did! Another find on the side of the road was a nice, big bobtail lizard! Or as Mr9 will correct you: sleepy lizard (because he read a fact book and learnt that that’s another name for them!).

Koala Port Lincoln Travelling Family

Koala Port Lincoln Travelling Family

Port Lincoln - Bobtail

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