The mystery of the raw bone – Travelling with dogs

This morning, the kids walked out of the annex to see our beautiful and well mannered dog… sneaking out of another couple’s caravan awning!!

“Wait, is this our dog?” I heard Mr7 ask.
“NALAAAA!!!!” Yelled Miss5.
“Nala! Go back!” Said Mr9 firmly and she actually listened.

She did the walk of shame back into our annex, where I saw her. I saw her and I saw the monstrosity of a raw bone she was holding in her mouth! There was still some meat on it. It looked like something that would have made a decent roast…

“Oh, no! She stole someone’s dinner meat!” I thought and burst into laughter, because that’s how I handle awkward situations!

While the husband’s suggestion – that if we pretend it didn’t happen, maybe the people missing their dinner won’t notice they’re hungry tonight – sounded very appealing, it wasn’t really an option. I grabbed the kids and set off on an investigation to apologise and offer a replacement!

Travelling Family - Travelling with Dogs

The kids showed me to the best of their knowledge what they thought happened. After that, I decided to have a chat to a few campers. The lovely couple who have lent us their fishing rod over this stay and have given us fish they’ve caught were the first ones we spotted sitting outside their van.

“You didn’t see one of our dogs running past here this morning, did you?” I started slowly.

“Is it missing?” They looked worried, bless them!

“No, no, she’s back now…. just… she nicked out this morning and returned with a chunk of meat! So I want to find out who she stole it from…” Laughter ensued!

After a couple more encounters like this, I was directed to a couple, who hadn’t even left their van yet that morning and were still blissfully unaware of the crime Nala committed. They have a staffy, so it was suggested to me to check with them as it could have been the dog’s bone.

To my great relief, it was!

After some more laughs and lots of cuddles from the staffy (who’s the perfect example of dogs’ beautiful nature of never holding grudges!) we met yet another lovely couple during this trip!

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2 Replies to “The mystery of the raw bone – Travelling with dogs”

    1. I can laugh about it now as well, but I was mortified when I first spotted the massive bone in her mouth! It helps knowing it wasn’t someone’s dinner!! 😱😂

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