Remembering what truly matters: ‘cause if money can fix it, it’s not a real problem!

Feels good to be on the road again

We don’t want this blog to be just a combination of amazing snippets of life without the reality of travelling Australia in a caravan.

Yes, we have been having an absolute ball while travelling Australia in a caravan so far. We’ve stayed at amazing places with spectacular sights. We’ve swam in crystal clear waters and built sand castles from the whitest of sands. We’ve met wonderful people along the way.

But we’ve had our fair share of stresses, too. We’ve been on the road for less than a month, but the number of things that we’ve had to replace in the past couple of weeks has been higher than expected and stressing us out financially. From the aircon dying the day we left, through several other ‘little’ things that needed replacing or tweaking… to the cherry on top of the cake: our caravan fridge kicking the bucket just a couple of days ago!

reality of travelling Australia in a caravan
But then this thing happened today, which – again – cost money, but made us truly realise that if it can be fixed with money, then it’s not a real problem! Today we’re grateful that an accident that could have been quite serious, ended up being just another thing we could swipe a card for.

Today, we both thought that the other person properly secured the caravan onto the tow ball. We learnt a huge lesson: to double (and triple!) check, and question rather than assume. We drove out of the autoelectrician after the fridge saga, only to have the caravan unhitch as we were driving!

Thank god for all the circumstances surrounding the moment it happened: Thank god for the lack of traffic on the road at the time. Thank god for the crossed over security chains. Thank god for the two men who helped us lift the caravan back onto the tow ball on the side of the road.

We’re so grateful to have come out of it all unharmed and we are so grateful for the autoelectricians who helped us immediately when we showed up, so that we could be back on the road ASAP and still make it to our destination for Christmas. They also gifted us some Engel goodies, a lovely gesture that reminded us of the kindness in this world after a rough week of things going wrong!

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2 Replies to “Remembering what truly matters: ‘cause if money can fix it, it’s not a real problem!”

  1. We are currently travelling Oz too, and have have recently had one of “those” break down incidents on the Nullarbor where we need a new gear box ($4000). But wouldn’t you know it my husband got a job in a scenic beach side town, furnished house provided, op shop a couple of doors down ( Love oppies), beach, shop, pub in walking distance. So feel so blessed and lucky. Sometimes things just happen for a reason😊

    1. That’s so true, things do happen for a reason and it sounds like you ended up in a beautiful place! All the best in your travels! ❤️

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