Covering the Distance: Cowell, Port Augusta, Peterborough – South Australia

By the time we left Louth Bay Camping Area, we only had 7 days left until Christmas! That meant that we needed to travel long distances to get to our Christmas destination – Caboolture, in Queensland – on time.


The kids didn’t quite understand the rush. After fishing and crabbing with Steve, and having Trevor talk about crabbing off the Cowell jetty, the boys essentially forced us into a pit stop at Cowell, just 140km north of Louth Bay! They were very keen to throw the crab net off the jetty and (to their great joy and our pride!) they did actually catch three blue crabs!

After that we hit the road again, determined to drive through to Wilmington that day.

Port Augusta

When we got to Port Augusta, we briefly stopped at the local swimming pool for showers.

But that’s not the cool part about Port Augusta! Just as we were driving out of the town, I got a call from my grandma who is also travelling in a caravan with our family friend Bob, and they happened to be at Port Augusta as well! What a chance meeting!

We stopped by the caravan park they were at to say hello, but didn’t stay the night as we really needed to push out more distance before stopping for the night.

We stopped overnight at a spot called ‘Russel and Mary’s patch’ that we found on WikiCamps. It was just outside of Wilmington and had lovely, hilly scenery – even if we woke up to a cloudy day! We really wanted to visit the Wilmington Toy Museum the next day, unfortunately it was closed.

Wilmington - Travelling Family


Peterborough was where we stopped to eat all our fruit and veg before hitting the SA/NSW border. After that stop, we planned to drive for as long as possible in shifts.

We found an off-leash dog park there and parked right next to it so we could have the dogs in the fenced area while we cooked our lunch and rested. The water taps for dogs inside the fenced area were a bonus!

Peterborough Dog Park

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