Streaky Bay and Cape Bauer Loop Drive – South Australia

While staying at Haslam for over a week, we took a day trip to Streaky Bay.

We went to the foreshore, did some grocery shopping at the local IGA, walked around a few shops, and bought some fishing gear for the kids, who were very excited to go fishing again after another camper let us tag along with him the night before.

Streaky Bay - Travelling Family

Streaky Bay - Mural - Travelling Family

Streaky Bay is a cute little town in its own right: it has a jetty and a shallow beach, perfect for the kids to have a splash! It also has some great touristy drives and beautiful lookouts around it, such as the Cape Bauer Loop Drive!

As we ran out of time the first time we were there, we did the popular Cape Bauer Loop Drive (where there were some amazing whistling rocks and blowholes) the second time we drove through Streaky Bay. Even though it was a very cloudy day, the drive was worth it – it was our first good look at the famous South Australian cliffy coastline!

Cape Bauer Loop Drive - Streaky Bay

Cape Bauer Loop Drive - Streaky Bay

Cape Bauer Loop Drive - Streaky Bay

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