Haslam Continued – South Australia

We stayed at the Haslam Camping Ground longer than anticipated, but thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless!

The car part we picked up when visiting Ceduna last week (fan clutch) ended up being a generic version that didn’t quite fit the Jeep! AutoPro in Ceduna have been amazing though – they provided a refund, sorted a new one out for us as soon as they could, and gave us a small discount for the inconvenience: the inconvenience, that equated to a few more beautiful evenings at Haslam!

Haslam Camping Ground - Travelling Family

Haslam Camping Ground - Travelling Family

Haslam Camping Ground - Travelling Family

Haslam Camping Ground - Tractor - Travelling Family

The kids loved the perfect sand castle making conditions of the Haslam Beach, which is actually called Simounds Beach. They were out there with daddy every morning when the tide was low to build a castle and they waited for the tide to come in to see if the castle survived. When the tide was in, the water was perfectly clear and shallow for a good 100 metres into the ocean, making it perfect for the kids to swim in. The dogs, too, loved Haslam – they were beyond happy with the long walks along the beach and the swims they got in the ocean.

Haslam Camping Ground - Sand Castle - Travelling Family

Haslam Camping Ground - German Shepherd - Travelling Family

We witnessed an oyster farmer go in with his boat, come back and sell the oysters he caught that day at the camp. Can’t get them fresher than that, can you! He was generous with the tastings and sold them for $8/dozen.

We also met a fellow caravanner who let us go fishing with him one night and taught us a couple of things. Seabass caught his first fish off the jetty – a blowfish! – and even Mr9 spotted and pulled up a crab in the crab net! The crab was too small and had to be released, but that didn’t stop Mr9 from talking about it for days!

That night resulted in a day trip to Streaky Bay the following day to purchase our own fishing gear!

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