Ceduna – South Australia

Finally we made our way past the waterless part of the Eyre Highway!


We filled up all our water tanks at Ceduna, where there is a council run water station – $1 allows you to fill up up to 150 litres of water within a 20 minute time limit. We then stocked up on food at the Ceduna IGA and ordered a car part at the auto store.

Also, we found out that this is the place where the fruit and vegetable quarantine happens, since it didn’t happen at Border Village where we expected it. The quarantine station is on the way into Ceduna and they do check all the refrigerators and eskys to make sure that you comply. Fines apply if you don’t.

Ceduna Quarantine Travelling Family

After sorting ourselves out, we drove out to our chosen camping area – Haslam Camping Ground – about 70 kilometres out of town.

We stayed there for a few days during which we visited Ceduna once more for food supplies and to pick up that car part we ordered when we first arrived.

This time we had more time to explore the town. We went to the library and had a delicious lunch at the Oyster Bar, where the kids each had their first ever taste of oysters, and two out of three loved them!

Fish and Chips Ceduna Travelling Family

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