Penong Windmill Museum – South Australia

After the day trip to Fowlers Bay, sightseeing the Yalata Homestead Ruins, and a peaceful night at Cohens Old School Site, we headed further East aiming for Ceduna. The weather wasn’t as beautiful and sunny as it was in the previous days, nonetheless it was still hot.

Penong Windmill Museum

Our first stop that day was Penong, where we filled up and visited the Penong Windmill Museum. It is the home to Australia’s largest windmill – The Comet (pictured in the featured image above).

Penong Windmill Museum Travelling Family

Penong Windmill Museum Travelling Family

The Penong Windmill Museum was a lovely attraction for the kids, with a swing connected to a pump that showed how windmills work to pump water out of a bore. The museum was only opened in 2016 and was a result of hard work put into sourcing and restoring all the windmills by locals Tim Hardy and Bob Oats. They spent 16 years creating this dream they had back in 2000, into the reality it is today. Amazing effort – we thoroughly enjoyed the windmills and the information boards on them!

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