Haslam Camping Ground – South Australia

We’ve been looking for a nice beach spot to stop at for a few days, as after the long daily drives across the Nullarbor we just wanted to rest for a bit. We found our perfect spot about 60kms out of Ceduna – the Haslam Camping Ground.

Travelling Family Haslam Camping Ground

Haslam Camping Ground

Once we got ourselves all sorted at Ceduna with water and food, we headed out to Haslam Camping Ground, and we have not been disappointed!

Haslam Camping Ground costs $5/night and offers toilets, water and a barbecue. The beach has shallow water, which is perfect for the kids and dogs to play in! The water is crystal clear and we even got to try out our snorkeling gear, which was lots of fun, even if the underwater world wasn’t as exciting as it is in other parts of Australia.

Snorkelling Haslam Camping Ground Travelling Family

Haslam Camping Area Swimming Dog German Shepherd

But the most amazing part of this stay has been the sunsets! The sky here has just been incredible each evening!

Sunset Travelling Family Haslam Camping Area

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