Louth Bay – South Australia

Picturesque Louth Bay and the amazing people we met there will forever remain in our hearts!

Louth Bay is located just 23km north from Port Lincoln and their camping ground is a stunning location to stop at for a few days!

Louth Bay www.travellingfamily.com.au

Louth Bay South Australia www.travellingfamily.com.au

Louth Bay Port Lincoln


We arrived at Louth Bay Camping Area quite late at night. It was getting dark, we were tired, the mozzies were out, and the parking bays were confusing. To say we weren’t impressed on our first night would be an understatement. Looking back, it’s funny how misleading first impressions of a site can be, as Louth Bay has become one of our fondest memories of this trip and the people we met there began feeling like family to us and the kids within just a couple of days!


Louth Bay Jetty is the first place where we caught a squid and an edible fish in this family. The first fish was actually Mr9’s achievement, but we all take pride in it! Well, now we do… The morning we caught it, we panicked, killed it and then had a freak out that perhaps it wasn’t a legal fish/size/etc! Thanks to my lovely friend who accepted a gross dead fish photo to identify, we quickly found out that it was a luderick and we can totally take pride in it!


You know the lovely couple I mentioned in my previous post: who have lent us their fishing rod and have shared with us some fish they caught? Well, we got to spend more time with Steve and Sandy, as well as their friends Trev and Rhonda, and it didn’t take long for them to feel like family.

Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach a man how to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.

Steve and Sandy offered to take the kids out on the boat, which was an amazing experience for them! The boys all went out fishing and crabbing, and then Miss5 got to go out for a quick spin around the bay as well. On top of that, Steve took Sebastiaan out on the boat a couple more times and taught him a whole lot about fishing and crabbing! From tying the hooks and catching the fish, squid and crab; through scaling and filleting; to hints on cooking. A wealth of knowledge that was very much appreciated and was used successfully to catch crabs from the jetty at Cowell once we left Louth Bay.

Travelling Family Australia

Travelling Family Australia

From spending time chatting and playing board games, through kindly offering to take the kids boating, resulting in teaching us fishing, they inadvertently also became our guardian angels when Steve realised we only had mechanical brakes on the caravan and insisted and helped us through making sure that we had working electric brakes before we moved on… and that we replaced the caravan wheel bearings!

A planned 3-4 days ended up in 9 days at Louth Bay, and saying goodbye wasn’t easy!

Travelling Family

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